SW-Motech Aluminum Skidplate Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom

R 3,100.00

SW-Motech Aluminium Skidplate offers protection for the engine and underside of your motorcycle against flying stones and other objects.


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New design with a 4 mm-thick Aluminium Skid-plate and 3 mm-thick side-plates for heavy-duty, light-weight protection. Redesigned rear mounting bracket prevents damage to screw heads when sliding over rocks. Two-tone Black and Aluminum finish.

Installation of the SW-MOTECH skid-plate requires previous installation of the SW-MOTECH crash-bars, which are sold separately.

The SW-MOTECH Aluminum Skid-plate can be used without a center-stand, or with the SW-MOTECH, Suzuki or Hepco-Becker center-stand.

4-mm-thick base-plate and 3 mm-thick side-plates overlap at the seams to provide 7 mm-thick rails on the outer edges of the skid-plate for added strength and stability.

The skid-plate has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom so that the oil drain plug bolt can be accessed without removing the skid-plate. This allows the oil to be changed without removing the skid-plate. In order to change the oil filter, the skid-plate’s two rear mounting screws must be removed, and the two front mounting screws must be loosened to allow the skid-plate to pivot out forward and allow access to the oil filter.

No other holes are present in the bottom of the skid-plate; the cutout that was present in previous versions of the skid-plate has been eliminated.


  • Efficient under-body protection against stone-chipping and collision.
  • Silver under-body made of 4 mm and black side walls of 3 mm thick aluminium.


  • Engine Guard.
  • Mounting material.
  • Mounting instructions.

Engine Guard - black (must be mounted with Crashbars) Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom