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R 140.00

Hella Plug to Standard Lighter Socket Adapter allows you to recharge many electronic devices.

R 85.00

SW-MOTECH Convertible 12-Volt plug fits both your car's cigarette lighter socket AND your motorcycle's BMW/Euro-style socket.

R 280.00

12V Cigarette connector with integrated bracket can be used to charge or power most devices supplied with a Cigarette type socket.

R 380.00

A motorcycle specific handlebar 12V waterproof USB charger designed to charge devices while riding.


SW-MOTECH Navi bag pouch small

R 390.00

SW-MOTECH Navi bag pouch small-sized and weather-resistant and is perfect for mounting your navigation devices and smart phone onto your motorcycle.

R 220.00

Cigarette-Style To SAE Tank bag Power Adapter allows a connection from a male cigarette-style socket to SAE tank bag.

R 180.00

SAE To Cigarette-Style Adapter allows a 12 V (volt) connection.

R 1,780.00

The Sena Handlebar Remote is a wireless device that clips on your left bike handgrip allowing a rider to control a Sena motorcycle headset or action cam. Suitable for the 20S ,10S, 30K 10U ,10C ,10R, FREE DELIVERY.


Desert Fox 6L Fuel Cell

From: R 790.00

A  6L flexible Fuel Cell that easily folds away when not required. Developed specifically for long distance bike touring it eliminates the need for heavy and bulky jerry fuel cans.


HELMETLOK Motorcycle Helmet Lock

R 380.00

A Motorcycle Helmet & jacket lock which is small, portable & robust. Also suitable for securing other types of gear.


AirRider CAR & OFFICE Comfort Seat

R 1,100.00

Spend long periods sitting in a car or office & suffer from pain? This seat with unique air cells WILL relieve pain.

R 950.00

The AirRider Pillion motorcycle soft seat system is a revolutionary accessory in riding comfort designed specifically for passengers.

R 950.00

Designed for drivers of virtually every motorcycle. Relives pain on long distances. Easy to fit.

From: R 640.00

Crash Bar Spot Light Clamp by SW-Motech is designed to mount fog / off-road lights to crashbars with 22, 26, 27 or 28 mm outside diameter bars. Sold as a pair.

R 360.00

Integrated handlebar mount and water resistant bag suitable for a GPS or phone 13.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm high or smaller.


Drybag 600 Roll-Top Dry Bag

R 1,720.00

The fully waterproof large 60-liter roll bag works well placed across the rear seat & panniers or lengthwise covering the rear seat & luggage rack. Made from tough  welded TPU with excellent tear, puncture & impact resistance.


Motorcycle Tail Bag Drybag 450

R 1,400.00

Made from waterproof welded tarpaulin PVC  featuring 4-point attachment straps, carry handle and retro-reflective details. Fully water and dust proof.

R 1,290.00

The Drybag 80 (8 L) is a multipurpose motorcycle dry-bag that can be used as a tankbag, dry-bag or even an over the shoulder backpack, all straps are included with the bag.

R 5,560.00

A motorcycle touring luggage offering 75 litres to 90 litres capacity, for the super prepared rider.


ROK Straps Green 2 Pack

R 220.00

ROK Straps Green 2 Pack Pack Straps are specifically designed to secure smaller items.

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