Motorcycle Chain Oiler

The Cobrra Nemo 2 is an automatic motorcycle chain oiler designed to extend the life of your chain and sprockets up to 7 times longer than normal. This chain lubrication system is very robust yet simple to fit and operate, providing years of trouble free service.

A simple 90 degree turn of the handlebar dispenser will deliver oil to your chain for 3 minutes which is enough for more than 350km of riding. Need more oil? Simply turn another 90 degrees. A full oil dispenser can lubricate your chain for over 5000 km. Refilling is a simple exercise with virtually any motor oil.

The Nemo 2 has a patented compression oil drive system which allows for the use of varying grades of oils from motor oil through to viscous gear box oil , ideal if you are travelling in remote areas with limited oil options.

All components required are supplied . Installation is a simple task.

The main dispenser unit connects to your handlebar mirror stem mount. An oil feed line is routed to your rear sprocket . No cutting or altering of the bikes wiring or vacuum is needed. Should you wish to place the Cobrra oil dispenser closer to the sprocket (e.g. frame) an optional  22 mm clamp is available.

Visit the Cobrra Nemo 2 Page to read more and watch a video on how to use.