Sena Handlebar Remote for Sena Headsets or Action Cams

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The Sena Handlebar Remote is a wireless device that clips on your left bike handgrip allowing a rider to control a Sena motorcycle headset or action cam. Suitable for the 20S ,10S, 30K 10U ,10C ,10R,


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Sena Handlebar Remote for the Sena 20S,10S 10U, 10C ,10R, 30K

The Sena Handlebar Remote installs easily via a handlebar clamp and features a glove-friendly joystick and buttons.

It gives you full control over your Sena Bluetooth communication gear while reducing the risks of taking your hands off the handlebars while riding.

The unit charges via USB port, but with several months of battery life per charge, you won’t need to hook it up very often.

The safest way to control your Sena Bluetooth gear!

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-Operating time: 3 months
-Operating temperature: -10˚C – 55˚C (14°F – 131°F)
-Water resistant
Main module: 89.4 mm x 50.7 mm x 24 mm (3.52 in x 2.00 in x 0.9 in)
Main module: 54 g (1.9 oz)


-Generic Access Profile (GAP)
-Generic Attribute Profile (GATT)
-Bluetooth 4.1
-Working distance: up to 10 meters


-Charging time: 2 hours
-Type: Lithium polymer



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