Sena 10R Super Slim Bike Headset with Handlebar Remote

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The Sena 10R is a wireless entertainment and bike headset intercom system: very small in size but big in features such as voice control, 900 m range and much more.

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Sena 10 R Super Slim Bike Headset

The 10R is a Bluetooth 4.1 ultra-thin stereo bike headset with a 900 m long-range Bluetooth intercom designed specifically for motorcycle riders who prefer smaller form factor for maximizing their riding performance, while still maintaining the many features of other Sena Bluetooth intercoms that riders have come to appreciate.

The innovative Bluetooth® Handlebar Remote puts the controls where you can easily see and use them with a gloved hand, without interrupting the rhythm and safety of your ride. Included in the box.

With the 10R, you can call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or voice instructions of GPS navigation by Bluetooth wirelessly, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with four other riders.
Low profile. Powerful capabilities. Crystal clarity.

Audio levels get a boost in noisy environments thanks to Advanced Noise Control™ technology which cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.

Also now includes a FM Radio so you can keep up with the latest news and scores while you are riding.

Easy-to-follow voice prompts will get you started using your 10 R and if your fellow riders don’t have Sena Bluetooth intercom gear, Sena’s Universal Intercom™ firmware makes the 10R compatible with all other Bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems on the market.

For further peace of mind, the 10R comes with free firmware upgrades for the life of your headset, which makes pairing and operation across brands a non-issue for as long as you own the 10R.

Click here for an in-depth review of the features of the Sena 10R Super Slim Bike intercom for sole riders.


Quick overview of the 10 R features:

–  Bluetooth 4.1.
–  Bluetooth intercom up to 900 meters (980 yards – in open terrain).
–  Handlebar remote included.
–  FM Radio.
–  Light weight and ultra slim profile.
–  Four-way conference intercom.
–  Conference phone call with intercom participant.
–  Universal Intercom.
–  Bluetooth pairing for dual mobile phones.
–  Music sharing.
–  Voice prompts.
–  Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth audio devices such as MP3 players.
–  Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: play, pause, track forward and track back.
–  Each audio source has its own adjustable volume level.
–  Sufficient sound level with integrated audio booster.
–  Bluetooth hands-free for Bluetooth mobile phones.
–  Bluetooth headset or stereo headset for Bluetooth GPS navigation.
–  Speed dialing.
–  Side-tone.
–  Water resistant for use in inclement weather.
– Crystal clear and natural sound quality.
– Advance Noise Control.

– Can be used while charging on road trips.
– Individual  volume control for each audio source.
– Firmware upgradeable.
– Peace of mind- two-year warranty.


Use your Sena headset to talk to multiple riders through your smartphone by downloading the Rideconnected App here.

-Talk time: 8 hours
-Stand-by time: 7 days
-Working distance (intercom): up to 900 meters (980 yards) in open terrain
-Operating temperature: -10 – 55 degrees celsius

-Dimensions (headset): 70.7 mm x 36.6 mm x 13.7 mm
-Weight (headset): 22g

-Profile: Headset Profile, Hands-Free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
-Bluetooth 4.1

-Built-in SBC Codec
-Advanced Noise Control
-Wind noise reduction
-Wide volume control
-Sample rate: 48kHz (DAC)

-Charging time: 2.5 hours
-Type: Lithium polymer battery

Please visit our Sena Video Page for instructional videos